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At Onboard, our dedication to enhancing our product is a daily mission, fueled by a relentless pursuit of improvement. We're excited to regularly announce updates, ensuring our users are always in the loop about the latest developments. This page serves as your go-to source for staying informed on the changes happening within Onboard. Stay tuned for frequent updates and continue to be a part of our journey as we make Onboard better every day!

Onboard Changelog:

10 Nov 2023

New Feature

1️⃣ Private & Public Communities

  • Creating a private community

  • Approving requests from members to join (after launch)

Improvements & bug fixes

  1. Fixed twitter stats showing following instead of followers

  2. Fixed incorrect leaderboard ranking

  3. Fixed bug when rearranging quest and quest tags

  4. For Twitter or Discord quest, users are prompted to connect their accounts. After connecting, direct users back to the quest instead of user profile

  5. Updated list of community categories and allow for scrolling when expanded

27 October 2023

Improvements & bug fixes

  1. Quiz feature to changed to no retries allowed

  2. Fixed bugs on member list .csv download

  3. Fixed top padding of quest card

  4. Fixed flicker bug when switching between tabs

  5. Add message to pre-empt users to wait a few minutes before retrying twitter quests

10 October 2023

Improvements & bug fixes

  1. For new users who click on a community link to log in, they should be redirected back to community page after creating an account

  2. To allow CMs to unpublish entire quest tags instead of quests one by one

  3. Remove linkage of community quests to community admin’s user profile. Community Admins can now create twitter & discord quests without linking their community twitter & discord accounts.

  4. Add Create a Community CTA button in the header bar to encourage the action of creating a community

  5. Hide communities that have not been launched (date set for future) within the explore page

  6. Fix errors faced and lag time when refreshing community page

5 October 2023

New Feature

1️⃣ New Quest Type: #QUIZ

Community admins can now create a #QUIZ type quest. This feature can be used for:

  • Engaging participants during in-person or virtual events

    • Quizzing on workshop or speaker’s content

    • Quiz on general knowledge or fun facts (e.g. What is the smallest denomination of Eth?)

    • Quiz on event related knowledge (e.g. When was Ethereum Foundation founded?)

  • Engaging community members generally on coding questions and other fun stuff!

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  1. Community admins can now extract emails directly from the leaderboard by clicking “Export to CSV”

  1. Community admins can now view a list of users who attempted a particular quest, this will help community admins track actions more effectively.

29 September 2023

New Feature

1️⃣ Unpublish Quest Feature

Quests can now be unpublished by community admins, shifting it to a “Draft” status. This is to enable more flexibility for community admins if they are posting time-bound quests (e.g. by weeks) and want to remove quests from public view yet retain information/submissions tied to quests.

2️⃣ Sorting and rearrangement of quest & quest tags

Community admins can now rearrange quests and quest tags by clicking and dragging it to desired order.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  1. Improvements to “Members per Quest” table (Community Analytics)

    • Default sorting changed to by quest tag and quest order as seen by members

    • To allow sorting from highest to lowest number of completions (and the reverse)

  2. Implemented Google SSO to facilitate faster login

  3. Add CTA to “Explore Communities” Page

  4. Added cautionary warning message before quest categories are deleted

  5. Allow admins to download all community submissions as a zip file

  6. Admins can now edit quest tag titles after creating them

  7. Increase submission field text limit to 3000 characters

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