⬆️Level Scheme

Creating a level scheme helps you design a structured journey that challenges and motivates your members to advance through different tiers of achievement.

  1. Under admin settings, click on "Leveling", where you will find Levels 1 to 5 XP requirements which have been set as a default

  2. Key in the XP requirements needed for members to advance to the next level

The XP requirement indicates the additional XP needed to advance to the next level. For instance, if you have set 200 XP and 400 XP as a requirement for Level 1 and Level 2 respectively, your member must obtain 600 XP in total to reach Level 2.

  1. To add a level, simply click on "Add Level"

  2. Click "Submit" to save your Level Scheme

Setting up levels allows you to tailor your onboarding programme to your community's unique needs. As members conquer each level, they experience a sense of accomplishment that keeps them excited throughout their journey.

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