🖍️Creating a Quest

What is a quest?

A quest is a task that your community members can perform, in exchange for XP. You may customise how many quests you want to create in each level, and what rewards you would like to issue.

The quest board is where you can get creative on how you would like to engage your community and stand out from the rest.

The fundamentals:

Start off by selecting a Quest Type. There are 7 quest types to choose from: #EMPTY, #VISIT, #TWITTER, #DISCORD, #SUBMIT, #PARTICIPATE, #REFER. Please click below to find out more about the various quest types:

👣pageQuest Types

By setting a Recurrence, you can decide whether a user is able to complete a quest once, daily, weekly or monthly.

The Description is where you describe what you want your members to perform. Remember to keep it creative, yet concise for your members!

Requirements are pre-requisites that a member must have achieved before embarking on the quest you are designing. This field is optional. There are two types of requirements that can be set, Minimum Level & Completed Quests.

Minimum Level specifies the minimum level a member must be at before being able to view your quest. For instance, if you want only Level 3 members and above to access this quest, simply select "Level 3" under requirements.

Completed Quests specifies the quests you want your members to complete before being given access to this quest. Simply click "Add quest requirement". You may add multiple quests are pre-requisites.

XP (Experience Points) are awarded automatically once the user performs the required action. You can set as many XP as you like for the quest, under Rewards. Please click below to find out more:

🪙pageRewarding Your Community

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